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For M&A Professionals and Investors

Active Acquisition Search Features:

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From $3,500+GST*

Featured advert in MNA Direct’s Monthly Newsletter

MNA Direct distributes a Monthly Newsletter via email to its general subscriber database. The Newsletter contains featured Business Opportunities, along with Articles published during the month.

Your Advertisement will be featured in the first MNA Direct Monthly Newsletter after your campaign goes live.

Searchable advert on

Your advert features in MNA Direct’s online Business Opportunity database for up to 3 months for the Basic option and 6 months for Complete option, from the date your campaign goes live, unless you complete the project sooner.

Prepare marketing content, submitted to you for approval

MNA Direct prepares marketing material for use in all marketing and submits to you for approval.

The marketing material informs targets that an investor has engaged MNA Direct to search for businesses in their industry/field and sets out your criteria, along with a response form (for letters) and how to enquire online (email).

No content identifies your or your client’s business. You can provide as much or as little information as you choose - no details are released without your approval!

For Option 1, this is the online advert.

For Option 2, this covers the online advert, email and letter.

Item Included
Item Included
Identify Contacts matching your target profile

MNA Direct’s database of approx. 190,000 companies, contacts and individuals has been specifically built to source and market business opportunities with Enterprise Values above $1M.

We search MNA Direct’s database to identify possible targets matching your Target Profile, then prepare a Scoping Report detailing search results and options for your Active Acquisition Search.

The database includes organisations with more than 10 employees, their professional advisors, as well as corporate, private and international investors. All contacts are categorised by Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code, with a full history of enquiries, responses and profiling information, enhancing the accuracy of target selection. With over 15 years of constant activity, contact management and updates, this is the best known resource available for sourcing acquisition targets.

Reach 1,000+ * Targeted Contacts via Direct Mail and Email

After you confirm and approve the Scoping Report from MNA Direct’s database, we finalise the distribution list. Where contacts have subscribed to our email list, we send your opportunity via email – for all others, a physical letter is sent. This ensures the maximum number of contacts is reached.

We then put MNA Direct’s complete end-to-end direct marketing system to work, sending emails, printing, folding, enveloping, stamping & posting letters.

Complete response management process

Responses are received via the MNA Direct website, email, fax or mail.

Details of all respondents are sent to you to qualify and follow-up direct.

We promptly inform you by email about new enquiries and send regular reports of respondents to your business opportunity.

Depending on your preference, respondents are offered one of 2 ways to proceed:

1. If you have consented to your contact details being provided, you can invite them to contact you direct (recommended); or

2. If you want to keep your contact details confidential, we can ask them to provide their details and authorise us to release them to you.

Depending whether you’ve chosen to release your contact details or keep them confidential, you contact all qualified respondents direct, or wait for them to contact you.

MNA Direct can also facilitate the exchange of mutual confidentiality agreements (additional fees apply).

Item Included
Item Included
Continual BASIC direct marketing

Continual BASIC direct marketing for up to 3 months for the Basic Option and 6 months for the Complete option, or until business is acquired if sooner.

Unlimited half price re-runs of marketing campaign

Unlimited re-runs of COMPLETE direct marketing campaigns at half price every 3 or more months until acquired.

Process allows you to maintain Confidentiality

With MNA Direct's response management process, you disclose as much or as little information as you choose.

* Frequent user’s discount may also apply