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Responding to an Opportunity?


MNA Direct’s Capital Raise Marketing

Reach thousands of potential investors quickly and efficiently with MNA Direct’s Capital Raise Marketing.

MNA Direct connects buyers, sellers and investors of businesses of strategic value. MNA Direct identifies and contacts large numbers of buyers, acquisition targets and investors.

Our specialist M&A database has delivered thousands of responses from target investors over many years, resulting in hundreds of successful M&A transactions. Clients include leading corporate advisory firms, ASX/overseas listed and private companies, investors, accounting firms, business brokers and business owners.

MNA process 

Database search, content preparation, distribution and response management: all in one

Using a unique combination of web-based and direct marketing methods, business opportunities are marketed to strategic investors, buyers and sellers with precision and scale.

MNA Direct’s database has been developed to a defined market, specifically for the M&A market throughout Australia and New Zealand. The database comprises medium to large Australian & NZ companies, active investors and buyers, accountants, lawyers, finance industry contacts and immigration agents.

The database is more than just a collection of names and contact numbers. It is enriched by more than 15 years of daily M&A activity and continuous updating with the latest market intelligence. More than 90 data elements across relevant industries provide the basis for accurate database interrogation. Complex search and filtering algorithms drive careful selection of the right targets for each business opportunity.

In-house mail/email preparation and distribution capabilities complete the process from database targeting to content preparation and distribution, including printing, stationery, postage and handling. MNA Direct even handles response management, promptly reporting details of all respondents for clients to follow-up direct.

MNA Direct provides the complete direct marketing package, delivering direct, targeted marketing to key strategic buyer, seller and investor groups relevant to each business opportunity.

Our team of experienced marketing professionals, M&A Advisors and Chartered Accountants is committed to providing the best business opportunity marketing solution available.

The COMPLETE Capital Raise Marketing Process - Key Steps

Profiling of opportunity
You provide an outline of the business opportunity and the target investor profile, including target regions. We then send a Scoping Report outlining the number of targets identified by category for your review.

Preparation of marketing content
On receipt of payment we will provide draft marketing material for your review and approval. The marketing material consists of a website entry and mailout letter.

Once the marketing material has been approved, we will commence marketing.

Inclusion in Monthly MNA Newsletter
Your opportunity featured in MNA Direct’s monthly newsletter – circulation approx. 28,000+ subscribers. The potential audience is many thousands more after taking into account each recipient’s referral network.

Listing on
Your business opportunity is placed on MNA Direct’s website for 6 months and is visible to users conducting an opportunity search or responding to MNA Direct projects.

Details of all respondents sent for direct follow-up

  • Interested parties register interest with MNA Direct and we send you their contact details to respond to.
  • Respondents are told to expect to hear from you within 2 working days of their enquiry.
  • A report containing all responses received to date is provided on request. 

The process is entirely confidential. You disclose as much or as little information as you choose. 

Our mutual responsibilities regarding enquiries
To maintain integrity, timeliness and professionalism in the process: 

You undertake to:

  • Follow up all new enquiries within 2 working days of being advised by MNA Direct.
  • Notify MNA Direct within 2 business days if the title or description of an opportunity listed on our website, or about to be marketed via mail/emailout, is: no longer correct; out-of-date; or no longer available or sold. 

MNA Direct undertakes to:

  • Inform you of all new enquiries within 2 working days of receipt.
  • Remove any opportunities from our website you advise us are no longer available, within 2 working days of receipt of your notification.
  • Update the title or description of any opportunities you advise us are out of date or no longer correct, within 2 working days of receipt of your notification.