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Responding to an Opportunity?


Beat the Crowd to Business Acquisitions

  • Only a fraction of the businesses available for sale are actually on the market.
  • Approx. 50% of business owners are willing to sell via direct approach from or on behalf of genuine buyers.*
  • Many business owners are attracted to a short-circuit process with a single purchaser. It simplifies their exit and makes it easier to maintain confidentiality.
  • MNA Direct unlocks business opportunities by bringing vendors forward to the market; attracted by the confidential nature of the process.

* KPMG Family Business Survey 2013

Access the hidden market of owners who will sell but haven’t yet taken action



MNA Direct’s Targeted Acquisition Search

  • Targeted M&A database search, content preparation, distribution and response management: ALL-IN-ONE.
  • BASIC direct marketing solution $950+GST.
  • Continual BASIC direct marketing for up to 12 months or until business is acquired if sooner.
  • Unlimited re-runs of COMPLETE direct marketing campaigns at half price every 3 or more months until acquired.
  • COMPLETE solution: Reach 1,000 targeted industry contacts by direct mail or email for $2,950 plus GST^; $1.50 per additional target.
  • Proven solution – database used by M&A professionals for more than a decade.

MNA Direct’s system has been performing Sale and Acquisition Searches for ASX listed companies, multinationals, private equity firms, high net worth investors and SME’s for more than a decade.

^ Frequent users are eligible for a discount.

Whether you are an investor, an M&A corporate advisory firm or other professional services provider on behalf of a client, this specialist resource is designed for you.

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