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Responding to an Opportunity?


WE’LL STICK BY YOU until your client’s business is sold!


MNA Direct offers you more with new added value enhancements

Timing can be everything.

Sometimes one direct targeted marketing campaign is not enough to secure a buyer for your client’s business.

You’d be surprised at how many new responses can come from the same target group in campaigns 3 months apart.

  • MNA Direct now offers re-runs of COMPLETE targeted marketing campaigns at half price every 3 or more months until sold.
  • We’ll also continue to include your opportunity in BASIC direct marketing to the subscriber database for up to 12 months if needed.

Frequent users are eligible for a 20% discount on scheduled prices.

The benefits of targeted Direct Marketing for Selling Businesses

  • Direct marketing is the equivalent of one-on-one targeting, but on a much larger scale.
  • Reach thousands of potential buyers matching your Target Profile quickly and efficiently with MNA Direct’s Business Sales Marketing.
  • Reach not only buyers who are actively seeking acquisitions, but also those who fit the target profile but may not be currently looking.
  • Drive a more competitive process with a larger number of target buyers in the process, facilitating a faster process and optimal outcomes.

Proven solution for targeting Strategic Buyers

MNA Direct’s system has been performing targeted Sale and Acquisition Searches for M&A advisory firms, ASX listed companies, multinationals, private equity firms, high net worth investors and SME’s for more than a decade.

The specialist M&A database has delivered thousands of responses from target investors, at an average of 52 responses per client project, resulting in hundreds of successful M&A transactions.

Whether you are an investor, an M&A corporate advisory firm or other professional services provider on behalf of a client, this specialist targeting resource is designed for you.

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