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Why MNA Direct Is Aus/NZ’s Most Effective M&A Transactional Interface

Who uses MNA Direct and why?

MNA Direct’s clients include the leading corporate advisory firms, business brokers, accounting firms, ASX and overseas listed and private companies, business owners and private investors.

MNA Direct is the most efficient and effective way to identify and contact large numbers of strategic buyers, acquisition targets and investors for businesses in the $1M+ market.

Most businesses in the $1M+ value range will be acquired by strategic buyers. Strategic buyers are those who place the highest value on the business, with the most to gain and the least to risk from the transaction. They are in the best position to leverage a business’s resources, IP and assets. Strategic buyers may include large corporate players in the same or related industries, private equity firms and other buyers with sufficient synergies and financial backing.



Why do clients use direct marketing at all?

80% of strategic buyers of $1M+ businesses are not actively searching the web or newspapers for opportunities, which is why those passive forms of marketing aren’t effective. And tablet editions of publications generally don’t even show business for sale advertisements.

The benefits of targeted direct marketing are clear:

  • Reach high numbers of strategic buyers.
  • Reach not only buyers who are actively seeking acquisitions, but also those who fit the target profile but may not be currently looking.
  •  Drive a more competitive process with a larger number of target buyers in the process, facilitating a faster process and optimal outcomes.

Direct marketing is the equivalent of one-on-one targeting, but on a much larger scale.

Why the database is so effective

The database is more than just a collection of names and contact numbers; it’s enriched by 15 years’ history of daily M&A activity and is continuously being updated with the latest market intel and stated and implied aspirations of subscribers.

This information allows us to carefully and effectively select the right targets for each business opportunity.

What the MNA Direct’s database contains


Here’s what’s special about this database

  • Developed to a defined market - Aus & NZ businesses with 10+ employees
  • 190,000 companies, individuals and key contacts
  • 10,000+ active buyers
  • 20,000 accountants, lawyers and finance industry contacts
  • 4,500 immigration agents
  • Key data on each entry across 90 active fields
  • Relevant industry SIC Codes
  • 15 year history and investment parameters for active buyers
  • Ability to readily determine each target organisation’s M&A aspirations
  • Content actively maintained and current
  • High database accuracy and usefulness driven by regular activity
  • Readily searchable and actionable contacts to target for any given business opportunity
  • Strong active referral base creating an expanded effective network

Why MNA Direct is the COMPLETE Marketing Solution

MNA Direct is much more than a database manager. MNA Direct performs the entire direct marketing process. The Complete package covers database targeting, as well as email and mail selection, content preparation & distribution, including printing, stationery, postage and handling.

MNA Direct also handles response management, promptly sending you details of all respondents for you to follow-up direct.

Anatomy of a Direct Marketing Campaign

An effective direct marketing campaign involves:

  • Typically sending letters or emails to 1,000 - 3,000 targeted companies or individuals.
  • Exposure to 15,000 subscribers to MNA Direct’s monthly newsletter.
  • Respondents register their interest with MNA Direct and we then forward their contact details to you for immediate action.

The results speak for themselves

“… we ran an ad with MNA Direct and received 20 or so quality leads that resulted in a sale to the public company for $4.85 million almost the full asking price. It will settle on the 28th of this month and all parties are particularly pleased.  I strongly recommend your service to any serious business broker or M and A brokers for large good quality business sales.”


The process allows clients to maintain confidentiality as they disclose as much or as little information as they choose. And having MNA Direct performing the direct marketing provides an extra layer of security between the client and the market.

Acquisition Targets

The database is also used effectively for performing targeted acquisition searches on behalf of strategic investors.

Now you know the reasons why…

MNA Direct is Aus/NZ’s M&A direct marketing platform

Contact MNA Direct today on 1800 300 333 or for more information and join those who have already adopted MNA Direct as their primary M&A marketing strategy.